Why is it that some people are out there living confident, empowered fulfilled lives and some of us stay stuck?

I was one of those stuck individuals, carrying around my wounds which I was unaware of.

I had low self-esteem, no confidence, limiting beliefs, and was stuck in a cycle of self-sabotaging behaviour. I had ongoing thoughts that constantly told me I couldn't do anything and was worthless. I longed for a life filled with empowerment, self-love, confidence, freedom from the dark but didn't know how to get there. This eventually resulted in entering into a depressed and angry mindset that pushed people away and created more loneliness and isolation.

After eventually hitting rock bottom I decided "enough" and began my journey to wellness and empowerment. Since 2010, I have dedicated myself to learning about mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being to the point it is now my passion and my life.

A few years into my journey, I became a mum. I knew I wanted to raise my children in a home that encouraged and supported the well-being of each of us and as a unit, so I took to learning everything I could about supporting my children's emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. 

I have 2 passions in life; 1 is to help other mums overcome barriers and limiting beliefs and develop a deep loving relationship with themselves so they can transform into empowered confident women. And 2 is to support mums by sharing resources on how to improve the well-being of their own family as a whole and individually.

I hope that you are able to find helpful suggestions and inspiration to guide and motivate you to nurture your own family's emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. 



This blog is a personal blog written and edited by myself.

For questions about this blog, please contact Any suggestions, strategies, tools, or concepts I share here are not to intended to replace any GP medical, Psychologist/ Psychiatrist advice that has been given to you.

I strongly encourage those who feel they need support to make contact with appropriate services. 


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