I take an integrative counselling approach to my work, a technique that involves blending different approaches together in order to meet your unique and individual needs as no two people are the same. The approaches and tools I do draw from include Person-centred therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Strengths-based approach, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Acceptance & commitment therapy, and Gestalt therapy. 

I believe achieving wellness is a process that is organic and natural, and with the right support and guidance can be achieved for anyone. I feel it's important that I provide you space and support to set the direction and pace of your journey to wellness.

My aim is to

hold space for you to share your goals, visions, dreams, concerns, fears, questions, and shadows,

in a safe, non-judgmental, and loving space.

As well as share with you tools and strategies to confidence, empowerment, stepping into your higher version, and evolving barriers into strengths.

I offer counselling via zoom or in-person pending location. I can also offer sessions outside in a location of your choice. Past clients have requested by the lake, in a park and other 'in nature' locations. 

Prior to service provision, I like to book in a free 15-minute phone consultation for you to clarify information and ask any questions. This ensures my service is the right fit for you and that I can meet your presenting needs.



Confidence & Empowerment Coaching

Is there something stopping you from stepping into your full potential? 

Perhaps there's a certain life you want but something keeps holding you back.

Are you unfulfilled but don't have the confidence to change it?

You're not alone.

I am an empowerment and confidence coach. I help women identify barriers/ limiting beliefs and develop deep loving relationships with themselves so that they can go after their dreams and live confident and empowered lives like the Queen they truly are.  


- Having the confidence to go after that dream job

- Being able to step out of your comfort zone with confidence and excitement

- Being able to speak your mind

- Transforming your "limits" into "strengths"

- Showing up as as your highest version

- Stepping into your full potential

- Having a deep inner connection with yourself

- Having unconditional love for yourself.

For 10 years I've worked with women with some of the lowest confidence and self-esteem I have ever seen. I have also personally experienced low confidence and self-esteem through my earlier years and can relate to how you feel.

This course consists of:

- 5 weeks of working together

- One-on-one coaching sessions dedicated solely to you

- The Inner Confidence Queen Course Workbook for you to complete

- Additional resources to support your journey

- Ongoing support thereafter for 3 more weeks, to ensure that your transition continues on

In this course you will:

- Establish a mindset open to the process of change

- Identify your vision for life - what you truly desire

- Identify and overcome barriers - dissolve & evolve them into strengths

- Uncover your belief systems and thought patterns and learn how they impact your life

- Develop a confident and empowered mindset fit for a Queen. 

So if you ready to

- Start breaking down barriers

- Begin your shadow work

- Live the life you've dreamed of

- Step into that dam confident Queen body and sole of yours

then join me in the CONFIDENCE QUEEN COURSE.



"Jemma has helped me immensely with improving my perspective on myself. The content was extremely helpful and tackles issues with confidence, values and so much more. The Unleashing your Life Workbook itself is well designed and structure which makes it easy to comprehend and work on. More importantly, the content is extremely helpful. I couldn't have thanked Jemma more for this opportunity as it has honestly made a world of difference."



Jemma Bolton
Phone: 0455 856 732