Dealing with uncertainty

Feeling overwhelmed, on edge and unsure? Well you’re not alone, many people feel uncertain at some point in time. Feeling uncertain is about not being sure what to expect, and this could relate to people, places, situations, or circumstances. Either way, feeling uncertain for long periods can have negative impacts on your well-being so it’s important to do something about shifting to a more positive frame of mind.

As difficult it can be and as powerless as you might feel when you are uncertain about something—there are steps you can take to improve your state of wellbeing until that thought process passes.

Now whilst we can’t control people, places, or things, we can control what WE do. The following are some suggestions, from other resources I have come across, that have been shown to improve wellbeing whenever you’re feeling uncertain:

- Create routine and structure within your daily life. This could include waking up and going to bed at the same time, having regular healthy meals, creating a to-do list of some tasks and checking them off as you go, and intentionally setting aside some ‘you time’.

- Stay connect with others. Stay connected with supportive people through regular phone or video calls. Socialising helps you feel connected, reduces feelings of loneliness, and can reduce stress levels.

- Get outside more. Try to get outside in nature at least once a day. Get physically moving by taking a walk, jogging, or partaking in any other form of exercise. Fresh air and sunshine can improve your mood and help to clear your mind.

- Stay positive. Your frame of mind and thought processes impact greatly on your emotions and actions. Therefore, try to see the silver lining, practice thinking positive thoughts, positive self-affirmations, and explore what can be learned from different situations. Tools such as a gratitude journaling is a great way to remind you of all the positive things in life.

- Engage in self-care. With how busy things can get in life we can often prioritise ourselves last. Be sure to engage in activities that bring you joy. Examples include reading, meditating, having a hot bath, doing some exercise, treating yourself, getting a massage, diffusing essential oils, watching a movie, cooking, painting, gardening, the list goes on. But make sure you are aware of what are your self-care activities.

So, remember, feelings of uncertainty can be address and potentially shifted using positive tools, such as the ones mentioned above. However, whilst reading about these tools is a positive step towards better wellbeing, it all comes down to action. Action is what will bring about positive change in addressing your feelings of uncertainty.

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