Self-care that builds a positive life

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of self-care? Is it face masks, hot baths, massages, and other relaxing activities? What if I was to say that's only the "fluffy" parts of self-care and that there are self-care activities that work on building a more positive life.

Whilst self-care is described as being any activity carried out to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health, self-care has the potential to help build a more positive life for you.

As mentioned before yes, self-care can include face masks, hot baths, and massages but I want to introduce you to some self-care activities that can do more than provide a moment a relaxation. Below are 6 self-care activities that can work towards building your positive life:

1. Structure

Having structure to your days, or weeks can help with creating some certainty and guidance. Plan out your day with time blocks for each task/ activity, limit social media to specific hours, schedule in exercise, meals, bed times and wake up times, study, work, or whatever else you have to address throughout the day or week.

2. Cleaning

It's said that the environment you live in is a reflection of what's happening in your head. Work on keeping your space tidy. This could include daily tidying up, scheduled deep cleans, and decluttering. So tidy that linen cupboard, go through your wardrobe, or organise that pantry. Tackle it all at once or do an area a day. Either way you will begin to enjoy your space and find it's a more positive and productive space to be in.

3. Slowing down

If your someone who feels they need to get a lot done to feel productive, then here we're going to work on capping your to-do list. We need to allow ourselves to not only rest but to sit with ourselves and be ok with that. We don't always have to be "doing something" it is ok to just sit and relax. Try watching a show, reading a book, meditating, painting, or drawing. In other words book in some time-off, otherwise, you may find yourself burning out.

4. Goal Setting

Having goals that you're working towards helps with creating a sense of purpose and direction. Goals can be short-term such as 'call a friend once a week' or long-term 'purchase you own home'. They can be very clear in terms of completion dates for example 'getting to a certain weight' or an ongoing goal like 'exercising 5 times a week'. Either way make sure you have the resources to achieve your goals and that your goals are realistic and achievable.

5. Nourishment

Self-care can involve what you put into and on your body. Choose delicious foods that not only taste good but nourish you as well. Fuelling yourself with healthy food and drinking enough water is considering an act of looking after yourself and should be something we engage in regularly. The second part of this is what you put on your body. Look closely at the products you use on your body for instance moisturisers, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, sprays, and anything else you use. Take note of what ingredients and chemicals they use as this is what you are placing on your skin which will be absorbed into your body.

6. Resources

Now every day isn't going to run as smoothly as others, we all have days where stress gets the best of us and unfortunately, we can't control people, places or things but what we can control is ourselves. Even better than that is that we can create our own little tool kit filled with tools and techniques that we know to work for us, to help in those times if high stress. Develop your kit of all the things that works for you to combat stress. It's not uncommon for our emotions to take over when we're stressed, and when your emotions take over it can be hard to think logically about ways to reduce that stress. However, if we already have a list of tools and techniques that we know to work for us then half the work is done, we just need to carry those activities out.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, self-care can be more than a face mask or manicure, and above are only a few examples of how self-care activities can help build a more positive life.

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