The Power of being feminine - How being feminine can empower you

It’s rare these days to see any attention given to the importance of being feminine. No longer are young women taught what femininity is and why it can actually benefit them to embrace it. There just seems to be a lack of appreciation for it in this present day. Instead, I’ve somewhat noticed a negative outlook towards feministic traits as they seem to now be considered weak, submissive, implying sexual undertones, or adhering to patriarchy.

But what if I said you could be strong and feminine. Furthermore, what if I said femininity could make you strong, confident, and increase your self-esteem? Well, it can, let me show you how.

Before we get into how the art of being feminine can empower you, let’s look at some of the most powerful and feminine women we know today.

Audrey Hepburn British actor and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn would have to be the ultimate icon of femininity and grace. Not many know that Audrey lived through the traumas of World War II, even having to change her name for a while as it was too dangerous to have an English-sounding name in a German-occupied country. Whilst she was most well known for her roles in graceful movies Audrey dedicated her life to humanitarian efforts till her last days and received numerous prestigious awards for these efforts.

Mary Donaldson aka Princess Mary Mary literally became almost every girl's childhood dream when she, an everyday girl, caught the eye of a prince and married him. But instead of just standing pretty by his side Mary used her newfound status to make a powerful impact for charitable causes addressing social isolation and even starting her own charity that looked to eradicate bullying.

Julie Bishop Having held her ground in a heavily male-dominated field of politics, that alone deserves a mention. However, no matter how hot the heat was Jule Bishop held composure and grace at all times. But don’t mistake her for a pushover; she was able to unleash a fiercely dominant stance when it came to fighting for what she was passionate about, including public health, education, advancements in science, and technology.

For more inspiring strong and feminine women I recommend the following International Women’s Day article from New Idea

So now that we have highlighted some examples of powerful and feminine women let’s look at why being feminine can be a powerful trait.

  1. Being feminine is about being strong. Unfortunately somewhere along the line being feminine was labeled weak, helpless, and in desperate need of saving. This couldn’t be any further from the truth as the list of women discussed previously are prime examples of that. Femininity symbolizes a connection with confidence, gentleness, grace, humour, gratitude, and an energy that is genuinely magnetic to others. When a woman is comfortable in being a woman a sense of confidence comes about and when a woman is confident she becomes stronger within herself, which leads to our next point.

  2. Being feminine is about being confident. Femininity does not predominantly stem from how you look, but instead how you think feel, and act. It is not about being beautiful, slim, cute, or how you dress. Being feminine stems from an innate place inside of you, it's simply being a woman who’s happy to be a woman (and that’s okay). It’s a female who has discovered that femininity gives her more successful outcomes than being something that she isn’t comfortable with.

  3. Being feminine is empowering. When we embrace who we are we become comfortable in our own skin, and this can be very empowering. For me, I love being a mum because it allows me to connect with my femininity, I love that I get to be a nurturer to my kids, and being their mother means I have a relationship with them that no one else will ever have. But I also know that I am more than a mum, I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, a co-worker, plus more and I embrace all these aspects of me.

  4. Being feminine is about balancing your energy. It’s about celebrating all aspects of yourself. It’s about celebrating the side of you that is gentle, soft, loving, forgiving, creative, intuitive, (feminine energy) and also celebrating the side of you that is logical, strong, focussed, stable, determined, and goal-orientated (masculine energy). One energy isn’t more important than the other and you will probably find that you will ebb and flow between the two of them, what is important is that you find your own unique balance between the two. I like to access my feminine energy through things like yoga, journaling, cooking, listening to music whilst I tend to access the masculine through things like planning, to-do lists, organising, and taking action.

  5. Lastly, being feminine is about being you. It is not a one-size-fits-all situation, it’s a unique and subjective experience. So take what you like from this blog today and leave whatever didn’t resonate with you. Because most of all, being feminine is about being comfortable in yourself and having a positive loving relationship with yourself.

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