The truth about confidence

Updated: May 2, 2021

I’m hear to share a secret with you that may challenge your existing beliefs and thoughts. It’s about confidence and how what we original thought confidence was, is actually a lie. Confidence isn’t something that you either have or don’t have it can actually be obtained by anyone regardless of who you are.

You see the truth about confidence is that it’s simply a mindset, a choice as to how you view yourself and the world. It’s a filter or a lens in which we can choose to view life through. There’s a lot of false beliefs out there about the idea of confidence. For example many have thought that confidence was something genetically carried down, some have it and some don’t, no choice. Another false belief I have heard is that confidence requires you to master a skill to an elite level that most people cannot get to. Well neither of these is true because true confidence is about:

- Trust in your own ability, capacities, and judgments and

- The belief that you can successfully face life’s challenges

Now both of these statements hold subject value. What do I mean by that? ‘Trust’ in yourself is about having a firm belief in yourself and ‘successfully facing challenges’, well we all measure success differently to one another. My success could be very different to yours. Therefor the very idea of confidence is unique and different for each of us. Have you ever stopped for a moment and allowed yourself the time and space to think about how you define confidence? Is it unique to you or have you perhaps subconsciously adopted the meaning that society told you was right?

It’s important to really consider what your idea of confidence is. Why? because unstoppable confidence has the ability to change your life in powerful, meaningful, and epic ways. You see confidence can lead to

- Freedom

- Your dreams

- Goals

- Happiness

- Joy

- Self love

- And more

So tell me, how would unstoppable confidence and empowerment change your life? What would you be doing different? What would you be able to stop doing? Who would and wouldn’t be in you life? What path would you be walking instead? There is a vastly different life waiting for you, if you haven’t yet found it already, and all you have to do to get there is start calling in unstoppable confidence.

A note from Jemma

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