As mums, even on a quiet day we find ourselves carrying out numerous roles, juggling multiple tasks, and doing all the things whilst keeping the little ones fed, entertained, safe and happy all at the same time. So it’s good to know that there are natural, safe, and effective alternatives we can use to ensure our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-beings are attended to also

Personally, I have been using natural alternatives, essential oils, to improve my health holistically for 7 years now and I couldn’t imagine using anything else. There are numerous times throughout the day where I turn to my essential oils to help me out. Whether it be to battle a headache, pick me up, boost my immune system, calm me down, or help me focus. For myself and my family I use DoTERRA essential oils as they are certified pure therapeutic grade oils. It’s important to ensure you know how your oils are made, where they are made, and whether any other fillers are added. Let me take you through some of the ways I implement oils through my day that help me to stay on top of my health and well-being naturally.

Lemon - morning detox water. Every morning I begin my day with a glass of water and 2 drops of lemon essential oil in it. This is a great way to gently wake up your digestive system as it naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion. Lemon can also be used in cooking and to flavour mineral waters which is a healthy alternative to soft drinks.

Frankincense - facial serum. In the mornings I like to wash my face to wake me up. I then tone before applying my usual face moisturiser with a small amount of frankincense added to it. I add ½ a drop by placing my fingertip over the bottle lid and tipping up then back down, 1 whole drop would be too much. Frankincense is one the oldest recorded oils used to heal. It is known as the king of the oils as it has a variety of notable uses and benefits. When applied topically, such as in face moisturiser, it promotes cellular health and immunity, and has a healthy inflammatory response when taken internally.

Wild orange - Set the tone for the day. So by now, I’m ready to get the kids out of bed and prepped for school so I like to set the tone for the day by diffusing DoTERRA wild orange in the kitchen where we eat breakfast together. Wild orange possesses stimulating and purifying properties and when diffused creates an uplifting energizing aroma. Wild orange was the first DoTERRA essential oil I ever inhaled and it still evokes uplifting positive emotions for me every time I open that bottle.

Peppermint - Pick me up and digestion - I while ago I used to use coffee to pick-me-up. However, these days I have stopped drinking coffee and instead use peppermint as a natural pick-me-up. Peppermint would have to be one of the most well-known and utilised oils. Not only is it a natural way to stimulate energy and evoke uplifting emotions, its ability to help alleviate occasional stomach issues has helped greatly with my IBS issues. I also like to add peppermint the boys cacao and banana smoothies. Furthermore, peppermint helps promote healthy respiratory function and clear breathing.

Lavender - Bedtime. Sleep hygiene is vitally important for me, as much I wish I wasn’t, I am someone who needs 8 hours of deep restful sleep so that I can function at my best throughout the day. So when I come to the end of the day I like to spray lavender or lavender peace (DoTERRA's calming blend) onto my pillow to help get me to sleep and keep me asleep. Another option is to diffuse lavender aromatically before you go to bed. Lavender has been used for centuries as it promotes relaxation and is believed to help with anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea, and even menstrual cramps. I have even used lavender in my cupcakes. This beautiful gentle smelling oil is a bit of a swiss army knife oil as it has so many uses and benefits.


TOPICALLY Topical use of essential oils refers to applying the oil directly to the skin. Anytime you place essential oils directly onto your skin it is recommended to dilute the oil first. Dilute the essential oil using fractionated coconut oil. As a general rule, I place 1 part oil to 10 parts fractionated coconut oil in a roller bottle.

AROMATICALLY Another way to use essential oils aromatically is through a diffuser. A diffuser effectively disperses the oil into the air and will not burn or damage the oil as oil burners can. The oil is inhaled through the nose where it then travels to the olfactory system and enters the nervous system, particularly the limbic system which is responsible for emotions. I use different oils in my diffuser depending on what I am trying to achieve. For example I diffuse peppermint and wild orange to help keep me alert and focused during my studies.

You can also use essential oils aromatically by inhaling the oil right out of the bottle or you can make a human diffuser by adding a few drops of essential oils into the palm of your hand and cuffing it over your nose. As you inhale, tiny essential oil molecules will enter your body.

INTERNALLY The last way to use essential oils is internally. I have used essential oils internally for many years and whilst it is safe you have to remember that they are extremely pure and potent when straight from the bottle. Be sure to use your good judgment and follow the directions given by your oil provider. I Like DoTERRA as their resources on oil use are extremely detailed and helpful. If you don’t want to use a whole drop of oil, you can dip a toothpick into the essential oil then swirl it into honey or water. Other ways to dilute the oil are in coconut oil, apple sauce, or rice malt syrup.

So that’s it, those are my top 5 oils that get this mum through her day. I have been relying on essential oils to help increase my well-being and the well-being of my family. If you’re new to using essential oils I recommend starting with lemon, lavender, and peppermint. This trio is available through DoTERRA and are three of the most utilised beneficial oils around. So I hope this has inspired you to begin exploring essential oils to help get you throughout your day and ensure you check out the other posts I have available for more guidance on the benefits of natural alternatives.

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